Praktikum an der Simon Langton Grammar School, Großbritannien, Frühjahr 2020

Die Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys in Canterburry sucht ab Janauar/Februar eine Sprachassistenz. Die Bewerbung erfolgt über die Schule. Die ZELB unterstützt Studierende bei der Stipendienbewerbung.

Die originale Ausschreibung hier:

Simon Langton Grammar School


We are looking for a German intern for our vibrant Modern Foreign Languages department, start date January or February 2020

Canterbury is a medium-sized town in the Southeast of Great Britain, a one-hour train journey away from London. The town is popular with students and tourists: it features two universities and a world-famous cathedral.

Students who wish to attend Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys need to pass a test to gain a place at the school. British schools differ from German schools in many aspects. Much emphasis is placed not only on academic achievement but also on politeness, friendliness and good manners.

The students (over 1,000) are between 11 and 18 years old; girls are admitted in the Sixth Form. Boys in the lower school wear school uniform. There are three dedicated teachers in the German department with many years of teaching experience.

We welcome applications from university students who aim to become teachers whether they are at the beginning of their university course or at the end.

We are happy to discuss the starting date and the duration of an internship. In the past, students stayed between three and six months.

Previous students were given the following tasks

  • supporting German teachers in the classroom
  • conducting oral exams (according to the instructions of the teachers)
  • marking written tasks
  • teaching small groups of students
  • preparing material for lessons
  • teaching class lessons or part of class lessons under the guidance of the German teacher

The internship and the tasks will be tailored to your language competency and interests. You will also find useful information on the school website:

At the beginning of the internship, a DBS check (police check) will need to be done. Three documents are required

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driving licence

Whilst this is an unpaid internship, previous interns applied for and received money from Erasmus or the DAAD. The school will assist with the search for affordable accommodation in Canterbury.

Please send your CV and a letter of motivation to  (Mrs Rumpel)

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