Göttingen International Announcements

I will forward you some information that may be helpful or interesting for you from the Göttingen International Newsletter.

Following this link, you will find a brochure on healthcare in Germany and what to do in case of an emergency: https://www.uni-goettingen.de/downloads/FlippingBook/GoettingenInternational_MeduNot/HTML/10/index.html

On this website, you can find two welcome guides which contain information about living in Lower Saxony in general, and about the student life in Göttingen: http://gi.newsletter.uni-goettingen.de/2019/10/25/welcome-centre-guides/

They also included a link with some information about SUFONAMA: http://gi.newsletter.uni-goettingen.de/2019/10/28/featured-programme-sufonama-faculty-of-forest-sciences/

Following this link, you can learn more about the internationalization of curricula, which may be helpful in case you want to study abroad: http://gi.newsletter.uni-goettingen.de/2019/10/25/brochure-internationalisation-of-curricula/

And lastly, on this website you can find some information about career services for international students: http://gi.newsletter.uni-goettingen.de/2019/10/28/career-services-for-international-students/

I hope these are helpful! If you have any questions, you can contact Mrs Patricia Nehring from the International Office:

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