Fairtrade Organization El Puente

On September 25th, the study support programme STUBE organizes an excursion to visit the Fairtrade Organization El Puente in Nordstemmen.

The trip will be all about getting to know the concept of Fairtrade, visiting the factory, and getting insight into the work life of El Puente employees.

You will also have a shared lunch and tasting of El Puente products there, as well as the oportunity to purchase some of their products.

Date: September 25
Time: from 10 am to 3 pm
Costs: none

Travel costs to Nordstemmen can be refunded!

You can register via the STUBE website: https://www.ked-niedersachsen.de/02_arbeitsbereiche/02-04_stube

The registration deadline is September 17!

You can get further information about the excursion here.

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