Bachelor Theses: Impact of Small Mammals on Success of Direct Seeding

Bachelors students are needed for a study investigating the effects of small mammals on forest management practices. This is a collaborative research project of the RTG 2300, with field sites located throughout Lower Saxony. You will work with an international team of students and researchers, and gain valuable wildlife and forestry research experience including many new and upcoming methodologies. This project involves conducting behavioral observations from video footage of small mammals interacting with direct seeing plots to determine if there are preferences for seeds of certain tree species or differences in the seed removal rates between small mammal species.

There are several thesis topics that are appropriate for bachelor’s theses, including: • Comparison of seed removal rate between forest types. • Comparison of seed removal rate between mice and voles. • Comparison of seed removal rate between seed types. Additional topics may also be considered after consultation.

You will learn many research skills including: • Camera trapping and wildlife photo/video analysis • Forestry research methods

This project requires long days watching videos of animals interacting with seeds, so a sense of humor, positive attitude, patience, and self-motivation are essential. There may also be an opportunity to join for a few days of field work setting up cameras in the forest near Göttingen. Successful students will have demonstrable academic and/or work experience, work well independently and communicate effectively. English proficiency is required, though you may write your thesis in German.

Salary: These are student volunteer positions; equipment is provided as required.

Contact: Scott Appleby, and Ieva Bebre,, with CV to apply or for further information.

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