7th Joint Interdisciplinary Study Tour – India 2019

“Rural-Urban Transitions in Indian Agriculture and Forestry” 01. – 22.03.2019

India, subcontinent and second most populated country worldwide, experiences a very rapid rural-urban transformation of its societies which directly affects the agriculture and forestry sectors. For years, scientists at the universities of Kassel and Göttingen jointly study these transition processes. The excursion will thus take advantage of long-standing as well as new partnerships with Indian Universities, International Research Centres and NGOs to learn from our hosts and discuss with them and among excursion participants how transition processes affect natural and human resources, and which opportunities and threats are emerging with the ongoing changes. Our journey starts in Kerala and ends in Assam, we’ll travel by plane, train, bus, rickshaw and will even take a camel and elephant ride. We will visit coconut agroforestry, urban dairy farms, tea plantations, railway gardens, national and international research institutes, and talk to farmers, herders, students, NGO activists, and mahuts. Before heading off to this fascinating country, we will meet a few times in Witzenhausen and Göttingen to familiarize ourselves with India‘s rich geography, history and culture and its current political and economic situation.

Terms of participation:

• 20 student places available – 10 each for the Universities of Kassel in Witzenhausen and Göttingen

• Personal study focus on tropical/development aspects of agriculture, forestry, geography, or related subject • Competitive selection by study performance, motivation, and English language proficiency

• Participants must take part in a preparatory seminar (2 contact hours/week) during WS 2018/19 • Partial funding is provided by the participating faculties/universities and DITSL Witzenhausen

• The organizers and participants will need to secure further third party funding from external donors • Participants must contribute € 1050 each to the total costs of the excursion

Interested? – Submit your expression of interest incl. CV (1 page), motivation statement (1 page), transcript of records, proof or evidence of English language proficiency to: schlecht@uni-kassel.de or huelse@uni-kassel.de –

Deadline: October 26, 2018

Note: This excursion is part of the Module I07 “International Land Use Systems Research” (6 ECTS credits)
Responsible: Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht, Prof. Dr. Achim Dohrenbusch Prof. Dr. Andreas Bürkert, Universities Kassel & Göttingen
In cooperation with: Dr. Christian Hülsebusch DITSL Witzenhausen

M.SIA.I07 India 2019 Excursion announcement

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