5th joint Interdisciplinary Study Tour – Myanmar 2015

Birma, Burma, Myanmar – three names for a small South-Asian country with an ancient history and surrounded by
Thailand, Laos, China, India, Bangladesh, the Bay of Bengal, and the Amdaman Sea. Between the Himalaya and the
Indian Ocean, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar hosts a variety of different ecological zones and agricultural and
forest landscapes. The country’s agricultural sector is dominated by smallholders who operate in a similar bio-geophysical
environment as their Thai neighbours to the East, but under a very different political and economic situation.
Independent since 1948, ruled by different military regimes since 1962, the country entered into a democratic process
only in 2011. Currently, all economic sectors of the country undergo major transformational change.
The 2015 excursion will particularly focus on these transformation processes. In cooperation with Yezin Agricultural
University in Pyinmana the 2-weeks study tour aims at a deeper understanding of the processes and effects of
transformation in agriculture, forestry and fisheries by visits to a variety of producers, processors and projects,
demonstrating the diversity from large to small scale, from intensive to extensive, from collective to individual and
embedded into a social-ecological systems approach.


More Information here:

Myanmar Excursion announcement

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