English translation of module directory for M.Sc. Applied CS

We have finally translated the whole module directory for the study programme M.Sc. Applied Computer Science. It is still a non-official translation and might contain mistakes. If you find a mistake please let us know via studienberatung@informatik.uni-goettingen.de

The link to the module directory can be found on our documents, forms and regulations website under “regulations”.

The module directory reflects the structure of the study programme and gives information on subject groups and modules that have to be completed. Please read it carefully to create a study plan. If a module description doesn’t give any information on the course frequency, please check the course details at UniVZ.

Unfortunately, not all module descriptions are available in English. The module descriptions are provided by the lecturers. Courses which are taught in German are usually not translated. For courses taught in English, you can probably find a description at the website of the lecturer.

We hope that the English translation will help you to follow the structure of the study programme and to create a study plan.

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